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Boca Microsystems Incorporated


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MCC-PCIDAS6000 Linux Device Driver Package - 2.4.x/2.6.x Kernel

The MCC-PCIDAS6000 Linux Device Driver Package contains a fully functional modularized Linux device driver which supports the entire PCIDAS6000 Series Low-Cost Multifunction DAQ boards from Measurement Computing Corporation.  The single driver supports the following board types in any number and combination:  PCIDAS6023, and PCIDAS6025.
The MCC-PCIDAS6000 Linux Device Driver is distributed with a GNU General Public License and may be installed, modified, and redistributed under the terms of the GPL.  To download the latest release, or any earlier release, just click the link below.

The MCC-PCIDAS6000 Linux Device Driver supports most PCIDAS6000 Series board functions which include

  • 16 single-ended or eight differential analog inputs with sample rates as high as 250 kHz
  • 12-bit ADC resolution
  • Two 12-bit DAC channels
  • 8 TTL compatible digital I/O

Detailed board specifications from the manufacturer are available here

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